Animation Samples

Animations from Paper Entitled: Synthesizing and Evaluating Animations of American Sign Language Verbs Modeled from Motion-Capture Data

Matt Huenerfauth and Pengfei Lu

Verbs Studied in This Paper

This webpage shows examples of animations the eight verbs; these animations were used in phase 2 of the study.

Quicktime MOV

The video files linked below are Quicktime MOV videos encoded using the H.264 codec. You may need to install a Quicktime MOV compatible player (or codec) on your computer to view the files.

Animations of Uninflected Versions of ASL Verbs

ask-uninflected, copy-uninflected, email-uninflected, give-uninflected, meet-uninflected, scold-uninflected, send-uninflected, tell-uninflected.

Animations of Inflected Versions Produced by a Human Animator

ask-human, copy-human, email-human, give-human, meet-human, scold-human, send-human, tell-human.

Animations of Inflected Versions Produced by Our Point-Based Model

ask-pointmodel, copy-pointmodel, email-pointmodel, give-pointmodel, meet-pointmodel, scold-pointmodel, send-pointmodel, tell-pointmodel.

Animations of Inflected Versions Produced by Our Vector-Based Model

ask-vectormodel, copy-vectormodel, email-vectormodel, give-vectormodel, meet-vectormodel, scold-vectormodel, send-vectormodel, tell-vectormodel.

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