Student-Produced Video

Gio's Research Experience

Gio is a high school student who participated in a summer research experience at the lab during summer 2011. He recorded a video blog entry in which he describes his experience.

Note: This video is widescreen. You may need to scroll your window to view the video, or you can use the control at the bottom right of the video to play full-screen. On a slow Internet connection, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to load.

English Transcript

So far here at the LAT Lab, I've enjoyed my seven weeks here. It's really fun and a wonderful experience. I've learned a lot from here about Matt's project. But when I first came in it felt a little bit hard. Wesley had explained to me what I would be doing, and it looked a little bit hard. But after he taught me the basics, it felt easy to learn. Editing, VCOM, Sign Stream, Sign Smith, really they're all interesting programs to see. But it can be a bit tiring sometimes, honestly. But that obviously means you must sleep well and eat something before coming in. The two people I work with, Kenya and Ray are fun to talk to, not during work of course. But I talk with them during our lunch breaks while eating. They're both really friendly. Wesley too, he's friendly and very helpful. I'll ask him for help with anything and he's always glad to help. Matt is as well. When he comes in, I'll ask him for help and he's glad to help. Both Matt and Wesley are very friendly. I enjoy it here, sadly after today I'll have one day left. But being here, I've enjoyed the experience.

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