Student-Produced Video

Kenya's Research Experience

Kenya is a high school student who participated in a summer research experience at the lab during summer 2011. She recorded a video blog entry in which she describes her experience.

Note: This video is widescreen. You may need to scroll your window to view the video, or you can use the control at the bottom right of the video to play full-screen. On a slow Internet connection, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to load.

English Transcript

Hi, my name is Kenya. I worked here at LATLab since for seven weeks. I worked on two programs called SignSmith/Gesture Builder and SignStream. SignSmith is for you to type sentence, and there have an animation. An animation will sign for you. If you see animation doesn't sign a word so, I have to go to Gesture Builder. I can create my own sign like, for example: Cat. I can change an animation to sign a word "Cat." When I finish it then save it, and apply to SignSmith. So, SignStream is for a signer to come here to sign any stories. When it finishes, then apply to SignStream. I have to type one of stories and type what signer say each words. I have to set time to follow time on each word. So, that's it.

I like to work on Gesture Builder because I like to create a sign with my prefer sign on it. I like that. It is interesting to me, and here have good experience. I think you should come and you will have fun!

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