Student-Produced Video

Ray's Research Experience

Ray is a high school student who participated in a summer research experience at the lab during summer 2011. He recorded a video blog entry in which he describes his experience.

Note: This video is widescreen. You may need to scroll your window to view the video, or you can use the control at the bottom right of the video to play full-screen. On a slow Internet connection, you may need to wait a few minutes for the video to load.

English Transcript

Hi, My name is Raymond. This is my first year at LATlab. I am a student researcher. We have small team of four people including me (Ray), Kenya, Gio and Wesley. We work together to analyze signers and use different kinds of software that we worked on. For example, Sign stream, which is where we analyze the video and cut word by word. They were called gloss. It helps Pengfei to find the word and translate the sign. VCOM Sign Smith is software where we use animation from creating my sentence. You will see in Gio's part in lab equipment tour video. He will explain clearly. The program has some words that are not even in dictionary. They are very limited so we had to switch to VCOM, that's where you create your own signs with hand motion. That's cool. That is my favorite part of this job to create signs because I learned how to communicate with computer and myself. Like exchanging ideas for example. It is hard in the beginning but later it became easy for me to use and it's fun too. I was here for seven weeks and this is my last week. It felt like time went too fast. Summer ends soon. Wow! For those who are watching this, thank you for watching me and I hope you will come work here. You will enjoy it. Bye!

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